For all artists and art lovers

Monthly Programme 2019/20

Our monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm are held at Dunchurch Village Hall.

September 4th 2019

AGM + Sue Langmead

Salt-glazed dough designs

Surprisingly delicate, colourful, and decorative oven-baked designs in dough.

October 2nd 2019

Lor Bird

A dreamer of pictures

Mystical and evocative semi-abstracted paintings of scenes & portraits in various media.

November 6th 2019

Laura Boswell

Landscape printmaking

Japanese-trained Laura will show how her superb woodcut and linocut prints are produced.

December 4th 2019

The Mayor of Rugby / Awards Presentations
+ Christmas Special Mystery Guest

Sorry we can't reveal more! Buffet refreshments.

January 8th 2020

Critique Evening

February 5th 2020

Susan Watt

The magic of collage

Shredded magazines become stunning landscapes and animals under Susan's creative eye.

March 4th 2020

Karen Pittaway

Pictures with people

Delightful paintings of local scenes full of lively characters going about their business.

April 1st 2020

Geoff Tristram

A lifetime spent watching paint dry

Prolific artist, illustrator, cartoonist and comedy writer - a special for April Fool's Day!

May 6th 2020

Peter Burford

Frogmore Paper Mill

Tales, processes and samples from the world's oldest mechanised paper mill.

June 3rd 2020

Stephen J Wood

Big is beautiful

Fine ceramics, collographs and drawings notable for their large scale, individuality and vigour.

July 1st 2020

Rob Braybrooks

Birchwood monochromes

Subtle pictures, intricately hand-cut in birchwood, featuring Cornish landscapes and people.

August 5th 2020

Members' Fun Session

Something practical for everyone to join in and enjoy. Not yet sure what!