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Monthly Programme 2021

All monthly meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

Rugby and District Art Society Committee are working hard to keep things going during this period. We have established a Group Facebook page search for it at Rugby District Art society. Here are details of future plans which include a Zoom painting demonstration in November. Further details are in the September edition of The Easel.

January 6th 2021

Lockdown Special

With comment and advice.

Bring in your work done during the isolation for a Society viewing.

February 3rd 2021

John Harrison

John is a fine watercolourist from Yorkshire who specialises in landscapes. He will demonstrate this with plenty of skill and Yorkshire determination.

March 3rd 2021

Katherine Baxter

Katherine is a mapmaker and illustrator who produces the most detailed and intricate (and accurate) topographical designs, quite beautifully.

April 7th 2021

Geoff Tristram

Geoff Tristram is transferred from his last year’s April Fool slot that was cancelled. He is a very versatile artist and is also a witty writer. Smile!

May 5th 2021

Frogmore Paper Mill

Frogmore Paper Mill houses the oldest mechanical paper mill in the world. It is still working and we will be introduced to its function and products by one of the key staff.

June 2nd 2021

Peter Barker

Peter is a well known local oil and watercolourist. He will demonstrate by painting a landscape and talking about his work and career.

April 1st 2020

Geoff Tristram

A lifetime spent watching paint dry

Prolific artist, illustrator, cartoonist and comedy writer - a special for April Fool's Day!

May 6th 2020

Peter Burford

Frogmore Paper Mill

Tales, processes and samples from the world's oldest mechanised paper mill.

June 3rd 2020

Stephen J Wood

Big is beautiful

Fine ceramics, collographs and drawings notable for their large scale, individuality and vigour.

July 1st 2020

Rob Braybrooks

Birchwood monochromes

Subtle pictures, intricately hand-cut in birchwood, featuring Cornish landscapes and people.

August 5th 2020

Members' Fun Session

Something practical for everyone to join in and enjoy. Not yet sure what!